Bay Area Net Music Company Directory

Note: This list from the early-2000s is completely out of date. It remains here for historical reference only. See for earlier versions.

It's already a cliche to say that music downloading and streaming is revolutionary. This week it's fascinating like fireworks, last week it was fascinating like a trainwreck. Here's a list of "who's who," followed by "who's gone". This only covers the Bay Area.

If you're looking for a job, check out jobs boards at Yahoo and my employment links. Also check out the Silent Way Directory: Audio Streaming Development section and my guide to the best streams at If you get a job from all the info I've listed here, please let me know - I want to hear about your gig and make a new contact.

For a bit more history, check out good side-by-side comparisons of the various online music services as of and 2003 and now. See the bottom of this page for a recap of the (pre-iTunes) Pressplay vs MusicNet era.


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Location Who Owns It? What they do... Notes, News



345 Park Avenue

San Jose, CA 95110-2704



Flash, Dreamweaver, Premiere, dozens more.

Also has an office in San Francisco. Macromedia was bought by Adobe in 2005.



333 Bush St

San Francisco CA 94104


44 Montgomery St., 19th Fl.

San Francisco, CA 94104




AOL has a bunch of music sites, and their net radio has its roots in Radio@Netscape, formerly More than 150 streaming stations. Owns WinAmp, also see Shoutcast.

8/2002 AOL scraps the Spinner brand name and rolls it into Netscape.

6/99 AOL aquired Spinner.

Main HQ in VA, with an office in SF. Also owns Nullsoft, which made Winamp and Gnutella.



1 Infinite Loop

Cupertino, CA 95014



On 4/28/03 Apple announced the iTunes Music Store and the rest is history.

Avid (Digidesign)



2001 Junipero Serra Boulevard

Daly City, CA 94014-3886



Avid's Pro Tools is the leader in Digital Audio Workstations. Digidesign was purchased by Avid, and the rebranding was completed in 2010. I dare you to find a major recording studio that doesn't have Pro Tools. While not primarily a "net" music company, Digi is a big player in the music industry.


Audio Engineering Society



Professional organization for audio engineers.

Has a Jobs Listing which is available to members, associate members and student members. A limited number of jobs that have been listed in their journal are listed for free on the web.



2600 S. El Camino Real

San Mateo, CA 94403



Plug-in for music-active webpages, "enhanced audio solutions and content for digital devices, games and the web."

Thomas Dolby is a principle.


CNET Networks, Inc.

235 Second Street

San Francisco, CA 94105
CBS Interactive Their was the new face of They are now a part of CBS Interactive's collection of popular online entities.  
Clear Channel Communications

Clear Channel Communications, Inc.

200 East Basse Road

San Antonio, Texas 78209

210 822 2828
  Owns many stations and divisions: "approximately 1,170 U.S. radio stations in 47 of top 50 markets. Approximately 240 radio stations outside the U.S.," 19 television stations. (Stats out of date.)

Has many subsidiaries... Radio: Clear Channel Radio. Entertainment: SFX. Television: Clear Channel Television. Interactive: Clear Channel Interactive. Outdoor: Eller Media Company. Also: Premiere Radio Networks, The Adshel Centre, and Katz Media Group. ...give or take a few.

Clear Channel is listed here because most radio stations also have a stream. Plus they are huge and a serious force.
Dolby Laboratories

Multiple offices in San Francisco, Brisbane, Los Angeles, New York, U.K., China, Japan and Hong Kong. Privately held until it went public in early 2005. Develops and licences audio signal processing systems. Also manufactures equipment for film, broadcasting, and music recording industries.  



ECast, Inc.

49 Geary Street, Mezzanine

San Francisco, CA 94108



St. Paul Venture Capital, Oak Investment Partners, DCM, El Dorado Ventures.

Net-connected jukeboxes for bars, restaurants etc. "Ecast provides the first universal platform for delivery and management of broadband content to out-of-home distribution channels."

10/16/02: Merged with Rioport.

10/16/02: Received $14M in another round of funding co-led by Oak Investment Partners & DCM.

9/28/01: Got $12.4 million in funding led by St. Paul VC.

Office in San Diego too.


San Francisco



A+R department of the net, running contests, $250,000 recording contract "prize."

Jerry Harrison is a principle.



2000 Powell Street, Suite 1380

Emeryville, CA 94608



Gracenote owns the CDDB, a massive database of album song titles. CDDB-equipped players can look up the titles online for a CD in your drive. CDDB is populated by user submissions and record companies have special access.

Look for this company to be pulled further into the digital distribution space, as a means of identifying music.

Formerly CDDB.


Independent Online Distribution Alliance

250 4th Street

San Francisco, CA 94103

  Aggregator of music files and metadata on behalf of independent labels, publishers, musicians and songwriters for delivery to the major online music outlets. For these indies, they provide one-stop-shopping delivery to all the outlets in their required format, negotiate contracts and manage payments for a cut. This new role is equivalent to what distributors do in the physical world, getting CDs into retail stores.
IRIS Distribution 1195 Tennesee Street

San Francisco, CA 94107

  Independent Recording Industry Services acts as a liaison between independent labels and digital music retailers, by providing legal, technical and marketing assistance as well as collective bargaining power for the labels.  
Infinity Broadcasting

Infinity Broadcasting

40 West 57th Street, 14th Fl.

New York, NY 10019


Infinity Radio

10220 River Road

Potomac, MD 20854-4916

  Infinity owns "approximately 180 radio stations located in 22 states in the nation's largest markets." The jobs page shows all the jobs in the west, listed by city and station.


1991 Broadway St. 2nd Floor

Redwood City, CA 94063


EMusic Network, Dimensional Associates LLC

Internet Underground Music Archive was the orginal upload site for self-released music.

3/2006: Site dead?

Emusic aquired by CNET?

Aquired by EMusic 5/99



1 Zoe St.

San Francisco, CA 94107

  Covers live concert listings across the country. Their origin is with "jam band" coverage, but JamBase's focus has expanded to cover venues instead of just bands, so more types of music are included. They also now sell tickets.  
Launch / Yahoo

701 First Avenue

Sunnyvale CA 94089
  Yahoo's music portal. Also see "Yahoo!'s premier streaming video and audio content is now available through two premium packages -- SBC Yahoo! DSL and the new Yahoo! Plus." Their music operations are managed out of LA.

Liquid Digital Media


Liquid Digital Media

999 Main St.

Redwood City, CA 94063


Anderson Media.

Pre IPO investors included Intel, MediaOne, Paul Allen's Vulcan Ventures, Metromedia and Hummer Winblad.

Liquid has always been about secure music delivery, which hurt them at first but is now paying off. Liquid Audio was one of the first feasible secure formats back in 1996. Now, they use Windows Media.

12/2003: Runs's online music store.

late 2003: Liquid Audio renamed Liquid Digital Media.

1/2003: acquired by wholesaler Anderson Media, the music distributor for Wal-Mart.

Fall 2001: received offer to be bought by Steel Partners.

Summer 2001: Laid off 40% of staff.


2012 16th Street

San Francisco, CA 94103



Was privately held before beign bought by RealNetworks, early funding from the big 5 record companies.

Rhapsody paid music service/player.

Formerly, Listen searched the Web for legal MP3 files and reviewed them. Pointed to "more than 200,000 artists in 500 genres and links to their work on more than 1,200 Web sites."

The big five major record labels are partners, so Listen is a major player. Yet with all their savvy and clout, they still doesn't support Macs.

4/2003: Announced acquisition by RealNetworks

12/01: Released Rhapsody digital music service, soon after added catalogs from Sony, Warner Music Group, Sub Pop, EMI, BMG, dozens more...


Aquired 9/00.


c/o Nanocosm, Inc.

1291 E. Hillsdale Blvd.

Suite 210

Foster City, CA 94404


Nanocosm, Inc.


Hosts personal Internet radio stations + features a directory of playlists and the software necessary for anyone to build their own online radio station. Create your own Internet radio station and listen to thousands of other users' stations.

Provides bandwidth for tens of thousands of stations, which is an expensive proposition, but has the ability to aggregate advertising demographics across such a wide base of streams that it may survive the shakeout. If only the advertisers would think outside the box!

7/2/01: lost funding, laid off 22 of 80 employees, 58 remain.

2001: $1000 signing bonus for referrer and for new employee.


(jobs or jobs or jobs)


George Lucas

Skywalker Sound is the audio production division of Lucasfilm. Industrial Light and Magic (ILM) is the digital and visual effects division. LucasArts is the video game division. Not technically a "net" musoic cpmpany, but a major player.

Opening a the new Letterman Digital Arts center in San Francisco's Presidio in 2005.

Lycos Music


500 Third Street, Suite 310

San Francisco, CA 94107


Terra Lycos /

Lycos Network

Music portal.

Headquartered in Waltham MA, with offices in SF, Mountain View, LA, Pittsburgh PA, Miami, NY and Chicago.

Part of the Lycos Network:, Tripod, WhoWhere, Angelfire, MailCity, HotBot, HotWired, Wired News, Webmonkey,, Animation Express, Sonique,, Gamesville, and Lycos Zone.

6/2002: Announced partnership with to offer Rhapsody.

7/3/01 Parent company Terra Lycos lays off most of the Sonique staff, but plans to continue using the software and name.

8/99: Lycos bought Sonique from Internet Music Distribution (formerly Mediascience).


CNET Networks, Inc.

235 Second Street

San Francisco, CA 94105
CNet Reborn in 2004 as, based out of San Francisco. Formerly based in San Diego. See also CNet. Late 2003: Shut down completely, bought by CNet.

Bought by Vivendi Universal 5/2001.

Mondo Media


135 Mississippi St., 3rd Floor

San Francisco, CA 94107



Mondo MiniShows- Syndicated animated shorts.


MoodLogic, Inc.

350 Brannan St., 3rd Floor

San Francisco, CA 94107-1305

  With the MoodLogic Music Browser, choose the parameters that describe the kind of music you're in the mood for (mellow/aggressive, vocal/instrumental, fast/slow etc), and you'll be given choices to listen to. Repositioning itself as a music network technology provider. Owns, a music rating service.



Yahoo! Inc.

701 First Avenue

Sunnyvale, California 94089
Yahoo!   Acquired by Yahoo! in October 2004. HQ is in San Diego, but Yahoo HQ is in Sunnyvale (Bay Area). Yahoo's music operations are managed out of LA.

Sonic Solutions / Roxio

(jobs / jobs)

Roxio, Inc., a division of Sonic Solutions

Attn: Human Resources

455 El Camino Real

Santa Clara, CA 95050


Sonic Solutions

101 Rowland Way

Novato, CA 94945


Sonic was well known in recording studios for audio mastering hardware and software. They later moved into DVD authoring. Through aquisitions, they have now diversified into more related fields.

Sonic aquired Roxio in 2004. More history.



Savage Beast Technologies, Inc

360 22nd Street, Suite 390

Oakland CA 94612

  (Formerly Savage Beast) "The Music Genome Project is a comprehensive song database designed to be the most powerful taxonomy of music ever created. Savage Beast musicologists break down each musical selection into several hundred musical characteristics, or 'genes,' that together compose the musical DNA of the piece. ...Music Hunter... identifies and recommends music to consumers by drawing on information contained in the Music Genome Project database." Summer 2005: Changes name from Savage Beast Technologies to Pandora.

2/26/03: AOL picks Savage Beast

WinAmp / Shoutcast






SHOUTcast is Nullsoft's Free Winamp-based distributed streaming audio system for do-it-yourself Internet radio stations. Nullsoft's Winamp is the music player for Windows 95/98/NT.

Despite many dire predictions, Winamp is still being updated as of 3/2006.

Winamp and SHOUTcast were acquired by AOL 5/1999, and merged with All three brands are part of AOL's Interactive Properties Group.

Original team put Gnutella, founder Justin Frankel's serverless version of Napster, up for download one day before AOL pulled the plug.

San Mateo Sequoia Capital Video sharing site.  

Those That Have Passed On to the Great Celestial Jukebox in the Sky, moved away, or are just sleeping...

Company Former location Who got stuck with it? What they used to do... Notes, News, when they folded

1130 Rainier Ave South

Seattle, WA 98144




5/2004: Now part of

Headquarters in Seattle with office in New York and Toronto. might have SF office (corporate webcasts?) 

AltaVista Radio

AltaVista Company

1070 Arastradero Road

Palo Alto, CA 94304



More of a search engine with a streaming station than an "audio company."

5/2004: This seems to have disappeared.

offices in San Mateo, Irvine CA, Chicago IL, New York NY 

Angry Coffee

Angry Coffee

1277 Mission St.

San Francisco, CA 94103



Cool resources, tutorials for encoding streaming audio. Checkout the listserv email lists for the scoop on web music development. No mention of jobs, though.

5/2004 The site has grown stale- syndicated content is the only new thing in years. Might be in stasis.


10900 Wilshire Blvd

Suite 1400

Los Angeles, CA 90024

ArtistDirect Network

Formerly DownloadsDirect, Web's largest secure download site, with licensed tracks. Might no longer have a Bay Area presence. No downloads for Macs.

Doesn't seem to have an SF office anymore.

LA-based parent company owns, iMusic, and DOWNLOADSdirect. Aquired

461 2nd Street, Suite 133

San Francisco, CA 94109 415.222.9610


Multiformat music provider includes custom compact discs. Clearinghouse for artist sites + downloads -Radiohead, Tori Amos, Lou Reed. Licenced by BMI and ASCAP. "integrates 'real-world' and 'online' business models to enable recording artists and recording labels to produce, market, distribute and promote music"

5/2004: URL gone

Audio Alley Brian Webster


PR questions:

Jillian Steinberger


  Audio Alley is a trademark of Marino Inc. It is a small team which produces local industry events and mixers for Bay Area net-music companies, artists and sponsors. Sign up on the list at the site. The Audio Alley production group consists of Marino Inc. and Brian Webster and Associates.

2003: Started events again... a good sign! But only one in 03 and none in 04.

2001: They shelved events during the dot-bomb fallout.


AudioBase, Inc.

440 Coloma

Sausalito, CA 94965



Audio add-on for commercial websites. Java-based, turnkey clips that they host so the client's site doesn't need streaming.

5/2004: domain dead

Big layoffs 1/01 and 6/01. Offices in Sausalito and New York.


2325 3rd Street

Suite 331

San Francisco, CA 94107


AudioBasket was a turnkey application for Websites that provides users with personalized audio news and information that can be listened to from a computer, PDA, MP3 player or wireless phone.

5/2004: domain dead

Absorbed by eMotion 10/2001. eMotion is HQ in SF, also office in VA.

Audio Feast 82 Pioneer Way

Suite 101

Mountain View, CA 94041
  "the first portable internet radio service for MP3 players." Tivo for net radio?  7/2005: Closed.
 AudioMill Audio Mill, Inc.

207 McPherson St., Suite F

Santa Cruz, CA 95060

Chance Technologies BitBop interactive net radio tuner. 5/2004: website empty


1960 Bryant St

San Francisco, CA


Tracks digital copyrights on the Web. Signed to report to ASCAP.

5/2004: US .com site dead, UK site still active. Presumedly the same company.

2000: HQ in Geneva, Switzerland, sales offices in London and Munich.


c/o Network Syndicate

1072 Illinois St.

San Francisco, CA 94107



Small company. no job info on site. They are still active, but not hiring. (sales office only)

175 Bluxome

Suite 230

San Francisco, CA 94107

Bertelsmann Music retailer. One of the first online CD stores. "CDNOW is part of Bertelsmann eCommerce Group (BeCG)." Swallowed by

Sales office in SF, main office in PA. BUT, reportedly laid off entire sales force 1/31/01.

CommunityMusician 1245 9th Ave Suite A

San Francisco, CA 94122

  CD duplication and community for musicians. HQ in SF with outlets all over the place. 5/2004: Website partially offline


300 Brannan Street

Suite 206

San Francisco, CA 94107



"DigaCast has developed the BigRadio player for audio that works upstream of the streaming format: whether it’s MP3, Windows Media, or Real, that displays synchronized banner advertisements, generating a higher range of CPMs."

3/2004: Sites are still dead, surely they have folded.

1/2003: The sites seem to be gone. Perhaps they have folded.

Digital Rights Agency Digital Rights Agency LLC

1539(a) Folsom Street

San Francisco, CA 94103

The Orchard Aggregator of music files and metadata on behalf of independent labels for delivery to the major online music outlets. For indies, they provide one-stop-shopping delivery to all the outlets in their required format, negotiate contracts and manage payments for a cut. This new role is equivalent to what distributors do in the physical world, getting CDs into retail stores. Was acquired by The Orchard in November 2007.

55 Almaden Boulevard

Suite 425

San Jose, CA 95113



"universal" player, universal burner application

3/2006: dead.

5/2004: Website dead?


(jobs or jobs)

Attn: Jesse Ashlock

601 West 26th Street

Suite 1150

New York, NY 10001

Aquired by Sputnik7 1/3/01

CNET was one earlier investor

VERY cool collection of downloadable tunes and opinion. Knowledgable, hip editors call cuts for every genre. Try the "Genre Walkthroughs" and the option to "stream this page." An excellent, unique site with lots of on-the-money description and examples to back it up.

5/2004: It appears that Epitonic has moved to NY.

Epitonic matches the new definition of filter: "If you liked that, try this..."

This has replaced the old model of Record Companies and narrowly formatted radio staions telling you what to like.     "Friskit is a San Francisco-based technology licensing company focused on enabling consumers to conveniently find, personalize, and play streaming media over a network." 7/2004: Appears to be in stasis. Technology is available for licensing.

345 California Avenue

Suite 3

Palo Alto, CA 94306


"Gigabeat is a comprehensive music gateway that allows music lovers to easily find, download, purchase, sample and listen to their favorite music and discover new music that matches their personal tastes."

Bought by Napster 4/2001.

Gigabeat (as of 9/00) employs 40 people. Uses Secure Viral Distribution Partnership (SVDP) system by TryMedia Systems.


iCAST Corporation

78 Dragon Court

Woburn, MA 01801



iCast was shut down 11/00.

Read about it here.

11/2000: shut down

MA / NY / SF offices.

IM Networks iM Networks, Inc.

305 W. Evelyn Ave.

Mountain View, CA 94041

  Develops standalone hardware devices to tune in to online streaming media. ie "Internet tuning solutions for consumer electronics." iM Tuner is their software app to tune in to either their iM channels or any webcast. The Sonicbox is a hardware iM player. 5/2004: No newer press releases than 2002. In stasis?

(formerly Sonicbox) Owns trademark on iM. "There's AM and FM - and now, iM." This hardware is also sold by Acer as the iRhythm.

5429 Telegraph Avenue

Oakland, CA 94609



Live webcast facility with a stage, dancefloor, audio and video recording studio designed to webcast a live show.

2006: Seems to be closed, looking for a new home

Kerbango, Inc.

21771 Stevens Creek Blvd. #100

Cupertino, CA 95014


A Division of:


5400 Bayfront Plaza M/S 6220

Santa Clara, CA 95052


A division of 3Com


(Aquired 7/31/00)

A directory of streaming stations, with the details on around 30,000 stations (including 25,000 live365 streams). The Kerbango Radio was a standalone streaming audio receiver unit that needs no computer, just a broadband connection.

"...the world's first, standalone Internet Radio. is our companion Web service that is today the finest collection of quality audio streams on the Internet."

(1/01:) "...the Kerbango Internet Radio is based on the Real Networks G2 Player, and plays Real Audio G2, 5, 4, and 3 files as well as streaming MP3. We expect to support the new RealAudio 8 format announced by Real and Sony in the near future. [It] can receive automatic field upgrades via the internet, we expect to deliver new audio CODECs in the future..." ie. no WMP stations.

9/01: 3Com shut down the site.

4/2001: Announced that they are shutting down the hardware idea. Will the directory of stations continue?

Announced non-exclusive deal to list live365's 25,000 stations in the Kerbango directory (1/08/01).

Made deals to provide long lists of station presets to players such as SoundJam and Apple's iTunes (which is derived from SoundJam)., Inc.

1121 Mission Street

San Francisco, CA 94103

  "... the Music Companion, which knows what fans like based on how they listen and delivers personalized music-related content such as album art, discographies, news, concert information, and more. Compatible with all major playback software, the Music Companion is accessible to anyone who listens to music on a PC."

Macs are not supported.

3/2002: Website is dead. Heard it was bought by Sony.

" has established partnerships with content providers, e-tailers, and music distributors... offers a co-branded version that can be easily integrated into existing third-party offerings to create highly personalized e-commerce and content services."


Musicbank, Incorporated

450 Ninth Street

San Francisco, CA 94103




2006: Domain seems to have been repurchased.

2004: Website is an "under construction" placeholder graphic.

Sometime 2001-3: folded.

Music Buddha

54 Mint Street

Fourth Floor

San Francisco, CA 94103



Music Buddha, Song Sonar, and Def Clip Nine music research and categorization methods. Music Buddha can "...monitor and analyze each listener's reaction to a series of sound clips and make ultra-personalized recommendations based on their responses."

5/2004: Website dead

Webnoize and F***edCompany report (9/25/01) that MuBu ran out of cash and laid off all employees.

Additional office: 410 Jessie, Fifth Floor, SF CA

1600 Bridge Parkway

Redwood City, CA 94065


Vulcan Ventures

Markets to businesses as a platform. Stores files in a digital music Locker™ on a remote server. AOL Time Warner's Winamp was a client.

4/25/03 Website dead

from f*** 10/10/00 "laid off part of its editorial and marketing staff as it moves away from creating original content for its site."



(Napster has offices in London, Los Angeles, San Diego, and New York. No longer in the Bay Area.)


If you don't know what Napster did, then you have a lot of catching up to do...

(Insert lawsuit here.)

Shawn Fanning is laughing all the way to the bank.

2003: Napster returns in name only with a new service and new owners.

6/3/02 Declared bankruptcy.

3/11/02 Laid off a bunch of employees.

Bought 4/2001. (See separate listing.)

Too many developments to list. Go anywhere to find coverage such as


NBC Internet

The NBCi Building

225 Bush Street

San Francisco, CA 94104



Was in the Bay Area, and had original content but they shut down. Now it's just NBC's portal.

4/9/01 Parent company NBC pulled the plug.

1/21/01 layoffs.



San Francisco



Small company. no job info on site. Hasn't been active in the last few years.

3288 21st Street, Box #200

San Francisco, CA 94110-2423

August Nelson, Inc.

buy a "BootlegAl" license ($.99 for a song, $5.99 for a whole album - and the artist gets the lion's share of the money) which lets you download the music and listen to it anytime you want.

Also owned the (also now dead), a site which mocked Metallica for suing Napster


336 Harriet Street

San Francisco, CA 94103

  RadioCentral "provides customized audio programming" for websites.  5/6/04: URL dead.

Redband Broadcasting

343 Sansome Street

Suite 505

San Francisco, CA 94104



Shows delivered over LookSmart's, AltaVista's and Sony Music Entertainment's Internet network, and third-party sites. Partnership with Public Radio International (PRI), shows jointly distributed across the Redband Network and the 660 PRI affiliate stations that reach 11 million listeners weekly.

3/2006: website is just a placeholder graphic logo.

5/6/04: website is just a placeholder graphic logo.

mission: "create exclusive news, talk and entertainment programs; deliver them online and on air, combining the explosive range of the Internet with proven on-air reach."



2627 Hanover Street

Palo Alto, CA 94304



Riffage shut down all operations 12/8/00. Another victim of the net-shakeout...

12/8/00 Shut down and will sell GAMH off...

5/31/00: bought the Great American Music Hall, SF's coolest venue.

Rocket Network

448 Bryant St.

San Francisco, CA 94107


Avid (20%) and others, see list to the right...

Vulcan Ventures?

"An Internet infrastructure provider enabling a network of collaboration spaces for audio production."

Rocket adds online collaboration functions to audio recording studio software and provides remote collaborative space, such as DigiProNet. This will have a major impact on recording studios once broadband connections become prevalent enough to make their vision viable.

A side note: I invented Rocket's concept in 1992, but never did anything with the brainstorm. whoops.

5/2004: domain still dead. Digidesign has launched DigiDelivery, based on Rocket technology.

4/4/03: Avid/Digidesign aquires Rocket, shuts it down. Will relaunch in a different form?

"In April 1998, Vulcan Ventures, Paul G. Allen's investment entity, made an initial investment of $8 Million in Rocket Network. The Company recently closed an additional $15 Million round of funding led by Weston Presidio Capital, with participation from Avid Technology Inc, Chase Capital Entertainment Partners, Jonathan Bulkeley and a further investment from Vulcan Ventures."



375 Alabama St. Suite 480

San Francisco, CA 94110



Music clearinghouse; news, reviews, downloads, streams, e-tail, links to artist sites.

Seems to just be a pointer to now.

9/2000: Big layoffs at MTVi: Around 105 jobs cut from 140...

6/2000: MTVi folded Addicted To Noise ( into SonicNet. became radio.sonicnet.

190 9th Street, 3rd Floor

San Francisco, CA 94103




5/2004: domain dead., Inc.

303 Twin Dolphin Drive, Suite 600

Redwood City, CA 94065



Webcast creator with proprietary receiver app that allows for aggregate user "ratings" (thumbs up/down) to customize shared playlists. No Mac version, requires harddrive space to buffer for smooth playback.

Aquired by

Unicycle Records

1201 Mariposa St

San Francisco, CA 94107


Web "Morning After Singles," as recorded live at Bottom of the Hill and other venues.

5/2004: domain dead. Possibly related to a fire that hit the studio at BotH?

Small company.


Vitaminic USA, Inc.

369 Broadway Street

San Francisco, CA 94133




12/2005 "See you soon with the new site… Existing Vitaminic subscribers can connect to the Vitaminic Music Club."

5/2004: Is not in SF phonebook. Seems to be treading water.

Based in Europe, but has office in SF.

Wired Planet

Wired Planet, Inc.

512 2nd Street, 3rd Floor

San Francisco, CA 94107


Partnership with, combines a Napster-like music-locating system with streaming MP3. One of the first "legal'' responses to Napster. Listeners can collect tracks and create their own WP stations from WP's library of rights-cleared, high-quality music. Made me crash?

Aquired by 9/00.

Yack (San Francisco)

1900 Powell Street, Suite 245

Emeryville, CA 94608



Topical guide to online events and content. Has a music section.

5/2004: domain is dead.

NY and Emeryville offices.

During first big battle of the net music era, two alliances emerged: Pressplay and MusicNet. But then things started taking off again; New players entered the space, pressplay rebranded as the reborn Napster, and Apple stepped in the the void. Here's how the alliances were a few years back:

Roxio (bought Pressplay, rebranded it as Napster)

Microsoft/ MSN Music


Sony's Music Club



AOL/Time Warner

Real Networks






Also check out these old articles, which are way out of date but interesting:

"The New Kids On the Block: Online music innovators of S.F.'s Audio Alley work and play hard"

"Dot-Com Hipster Haven: After long days music types find time to be happy"

"Where the Internet Sings and Swings" (all 4/23/2000, SF Chronicle)

"Bay Area Changes Music, Again: Local Companies Struggle to Define Next Revolution" (8/6/1999, SF Gate)

Don't forget the Silent Way Directory: Employment Links, and the Silent Way Directory: Audio Streaming Development and Legality Issues.