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On 9/15/2007, Tony Brooke recorded a showcase of artists for the Galaxia label. Performing were Tommy Guerrero, The Mumlers, Ray Barbee with The Mattson 2, Gojogo, and The Photographic. The show took place at the Victoria Theater in San Francisco. Tony's system for this project was a mic split recording to 24-track RADAR V Nyquist (at 24 bit/96k), using mic preamps by Millennia Media, ATI and Presonus.

The Setlist:

The Photographic

1 lost in a daydream
2 secure
3 directions
4 bridge runs
5 night noise
6 up in the clock tower...


1 taal mama
2 yangsta
3 reselection
4 gdmj

Ray Barbee with The Mattson 2

1 yeppers
2 short strokes
3 cheeks
4 chinine
5 longing of the leftus

Tommy Guerrero

1 in my head
2 so blue its black
3 thank you mk
4 war no more
5 1966
6 archaic days
7 by fist and fury
8 knives fighting guns

The Mumlers

1 untitled
2 red river hustle
3 old fashioned consoletrix
4 dice in a drawer
5 untitled
6 shake that medication
7 in case you need love

* These setlists might be from the pre-show plan, so it could have changed at the show.