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Rock and Pop

For their 10/11/2002 and 10/12/2002 shows at The Fillmore, the band Gomez hired Tony Brooke to engineer a live multitrack recording. The system he used was a 40-track DTRS system (a combination of 24-track DA-78HRs and 16-bit DA-88s), a mic splitter, and a big rack of mic preamps.

To Silent Way's knowledge, this recording was not released.

Gomez released separate live albums from three other recordings made at the San Francisco Fillmore: "Out West (Live At The Fillmore)" was recorded and released in 2005. That album was also released as a limited edition with an accompanying DVD containing a 2000 live Fillmore recording. Another live Fillmore EP "See The World Live" was recorded and released in 2006. But none of these were from the Silent Way 2002 recording.

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