Sunpie Barnes

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Sunpie Barnes

On 4/27/1994, Tony Brooke and Cory Smith recorded the 6th annual Piano Night at Tipitina's in New Orleans, presented by the Professor Longhair Foundation. This was released in 1995 as "Professor Longhair Foundation Presents Piano Night at Tipitina's 1994" on Overture Records. The artists on the album: Tom McDermott, David Thomas Roberts, Tom Roberts, Davell Crawford, Tom Worrell, Jon Cleary, Eddie Bo, David Torkanowsky, Furry Lewis, Tommy Ridgley, and Bruce "Sunpie" Barnes.

A track from this show by Bruce "Sunpie" Barnes, "My Baby Don't Wear No Drawers" was also released on "Overture Records Presents Take A Bite Outta This, Vol. 1".