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On September 18th 2005, Tony Brooke recorded Taliya at the Brava Theater in San Francisco. Taliya had just set a world record, as described in this article:

"...the Guinness Book of World Records has just added an achievement of a more melodious nature: song sung in the most languages by the same vocalist.

The titleholder is Israeli-born singer Taliya (she goes only by her first name) and the album is "The 15th Language," a tip-off as to how many languages she juggles on the two-disc CD set.

The hook? All 15 tracks on disc one are the same song: Taliya's original composition "Flower Child" translated into all those assorted languages, including English, Spanish, Greek, Thai, Polish, Hindi and her native Hebrew.

Taliya will perform in concert Sunday, Sept. 18, at San Francisco's Brava Theater Center."

- J Weekly, "One song, 15 languages" by Dan Pine