Silent Way's Digital Audio Disk Space Calculator

Silent Way's Digital Audio Disk Space Calculator is a must-have for anyone who records digital audio. It allows you to enter the running time of your uncompressed audio, and it will calculate the hard drive storage requirements for any bit/sample rate combination. It also calculates the number of CD-Rs/DVD-Rs you'll need to back it up. It's easy, powerful, reusable, and inexpensive!

Here's how it works...

First, enter three things: the running time, how many tracks (2 for stereo), and how many takes. You can enter up to 16 separate recordings.

The calculator instantly spits out totals for each song and for the whole project. Results are given as 16bit/44.1k, 16bit/48k, 24bit/44.1k and 24bit/48k.

If you want values for other sample rates (88.2/96/176.4/192) or storage media you can even change the constants used by the calculator.

It just requires Microsoft Excel to run, and it works on Mac or PC. Such a deal!

For bug reports/feedback or to be informed of updates, contact Silent Way.

For guidelines on digital audio file interchange, please read the Recording Academy Producers and Engineers Wing's Delivery Recommendations for Master Recordings and Guidelines for Pro Tools Session Interchange.

Revision History:

In 2014 The Disk Space Calculator was incorporated into the Ultimate Track Sheet. The calculator is no longer offered separately.

1.4 (6/3/06)

• Many interface design improvements for easier use, cleaner look and better printing.

• Expanded instructions and incorporated revision history.

• Updated contact information.

• Repackaged for sale.

1.3 (10/14/03)

• Changed DVD-R capacity from 4.3 to 4.38 GB.

• Changed "track 1" etc to "record 1" etc.

• Rephrased instructions.

1.2 (4/26/03)

First public release.

1.0 (2002)

Project taken over by Tony Brooke of

Complete rebuild from scratch, unreleased.

Beta (1999)

Beta version by Gordon Brislawn, unreleased.

The original idea for this was by Gordon Brislawn of TimeTrap/eMuse Arts in 1999. In 2002 it was built by Tony Brooke (, who has maintained it since then, and later added it into his Ultimate Track Sheet.

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