DJ Appropriate: Striptacular Budonkadonk Booty Bass Mix

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Striptacular Budonkadonk Booty Bass Mix

This one is ridiculous, made for a bachelor party. No redeeming social value at all. Nope, not a one.

Watch It: dirty lyrics, sexual content, funky attitude. If you've never heard stoopid sexual innuendo, ask your parents what it means and welcome to the big bad dirty world.

Playlist, total time 1:06:33

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Track Artist Album Year Time
Budonkadonk Butt pt. 1   random net find   0:33
Count To 10 Imani Coppola Sex & the City Soundtrack 2000 3:08
What's Your Fantasy (Remix) Ludacris Back For The First Time 2000 4:34
Back That Azz Up Juvenile 400 Degreez 1998 4:15
5 10 15 20 Midori P0rn to Rock   2:37
Shake That Azz Splack Pack Big Booty Hits 1993 3:51
Budonkadonk Butt pt. 2   random net find   0:12
Pony (Booty Bass remix) Ginuwine The Bachelor 1996 4:30
MegaBootyBassMix 2 Live Crew The Essential DJ 12" Inch + Mega Mixes   9:21
Step On Man Freelance Hellraiser Various Booty's 2002 4:34
Lick Pops Freelance Hellraiser   2002 2:17
O.P.P. Naughty By Nature Naughty By Nature 1991 4:20
No Diggity Blackstreet feat. Dr. Dre Another Level 1996 5:01
Baby Got Back Sir Mix-A-Lot Mack Daddy 1991 4:22
I Like Small Butts Weird Al Yankovic     0:10
Area Codes (Dirty) Ludacris Area Codes 12 Inch 2001 3:33
Budonkadonk Butt pt. 3   random net find   0:11
Love To Love You Baby Donna Summer Love to Love You Baby 1975 3:10
In The Bush Musique Keep on Jumpin' 1979 3:54
Budonkadonk Butt pt. 4   random net find   1:41

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