ADAT to Mackie 1604 wiring hookup diagram

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I am trying to find a hookup diagram for a single 8 track ADAT to a Mackie CR 1604 mixer. Just wondered if you might have one or be able to direct me to one. I have checked the Mackie site and the owners manual doesn't show specifically the ADAT hookup and not being versed in the mixer very well I need pictures. Thanks.


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You'll need a 1/4" fanout snake for your ADAT, either balanced (which would connect to the ADAT's ELCO multipin connector) or unbalanced (which would connect to the ADAT's 1/4" jacks if it's an original ADAT, or to the RCA jacks if it's most other ADAT models.)

For the Mackie end, check out the following pages in the following manuals, which can all be downloaded here:

If it's an original CR-1604 (with no busses) your options are limited. Use the "First Click" trick to use the inserts as direct outs, as described on page 13 (section 27) and on page 16 of its manual. Also try the "Alt 3/4 output submix bus" trick on pps 16-17.

If it's a 1604 VLZ or a 1604 VLZPro, see page 6 of their respective manuals.

Also, read the description of the "split monitoring" method, on page 12 of the VLZ or VLZPro manuals.