Adat XT20 Elco to db25 connector?

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I have 2 Adat xt 20s with the elco trs male connectors. I have been seriously considering the Mackie Onyx 1640 but I am concerned about the compatability of the direct out connections. It appears I would have to have a custom db25 cable made with maybe female trs? What would be the best way to do that? Am I laying groundwork for problems , signal degradation? Any insight would be much appreciated.


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Pick up an ELCO-DB25 (aka Dsub) snake like this one:

Pro Co 15M600 ADAT Snake

These multipin connectors are nice and sturdy. The one catch is that you won't be able to send individual channels to different places. For that you'd need lots of individual adapters and/or a custom-wired snake (nobody makes female TRS snakes). But if you don't need individual routing control, the ELCO-DB25 is the way to go.