alesis hd24xr modification for 96k?

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I am trying to locate a modification service to allow the external Word Clock on my Alesis HD24XR to work at 96khz with my Apogee Big Ben. The Alesis factory said that the EC2 does not work with external word clock above 48khz.

When I connect the external word clock, the display on the HD24XR displays 96khz intermittently, I think there is a series-clock-filter that needs to be modified. I didn't get much help from Apogee's technical support department. I had asked if there were modification shops on the West Coast.

I live in Morgan Hill, and would be willing to deliver it to a shop.
I am an amateur recording person. The recorder gets used 4-5 times a year.

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An admirable goal. The Alesis HD24XR can record 12 tracks of 96k when it has the EC-2 upgrade. But that's weak if it's word clock input can clock to 48k but not to 96k. It's a longshot mod attempt, but maybe it's possible...

Here's a few places to try:

Your best bet is Eddie Ciletti:

Also Audio Upgrades:

This one's 7 years old, and predates the HD24, but it's got extensive info on ADAT mods. Maybe they'll have ideas.

You might just have to find a service manual and get all Frankenstein on it.