Annoying labels in X!

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OK, this is kinda silly but...

Does anyone else feel that the labels in OSX are way too annoying? In OS9, just the icon changed color. Now the whole line (icon, name, date, etc.) has a colored bar across it. (Note; I prefer to use list view) Use several colors, and the window begins to look like a five-yr-old got into the highlighters!.

Does anyone know a way - or utility - that will make the labels more 9-like??

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You can try this app, Labels X:

I'm not a fan of apps by that company (Unsanity) because they require a separate system-level hack app called Application Enhancer aka APE (, which can cause instability.

Since Panther (OS X 10.3) added labels to the OS, the Labels X app is even less useful. But if you must have the additional features it offers, give it a shot. I've not personally tested it, so I can't say if it causes issues.

There is also another way- but it's NOT pretty, or easy, OR recommended. You can hack the OS X Finder. This kind of hack is 99% not worth the trouble, because it's only a minor appearance tweak (no improved functionality) and there are potentially major consequences if you do it wrong. You need to use the command-line Terminal and know how to gain Root access. Plus, have the app Resorcerer. Also, you need to know semi-advanced Photoshop techniques. SO, don't say I didn't warn ya...

Like that author, I have not tried this. The method is untested and (now) third-hand info. I can't (and won't) help with this. Use with caution!