Apple 20" MultiScan Display revision: stripe pitch

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The Apple Multiple Scan 20 display had at least one revision made to it. In Oct. '95 Apple announced that it was changing the tube in this monitor to a .26mm stripe pitch. The rev A version had a .31 dot pitch screen.

More details from:
"The Apple Multiple Scan 20 Display Rev. A and Rev. B have the same overall apperance. To distinguish the two versions, check the last three digits of the serial number. The serial number for the Rev.B version ends in one of the following: 5B4, 5J2, 5JE and 5JF"

From an Apple email back in '95: "Only the revision B displays had a .26 MM dot pitch. Display serial numbers ending in 5B4, 5J2, 5JE and 5JF are the revision B displays. There were no other changes."

For example, mine was manufactured in Nov '95 and the ser# ends in 5B4.

Back then it listed for $2,149.

And, here are the technical specs for it: