art mp tube studio v3 - m-audio dmp2 please help

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which one would you prefer concerning sound quality if it`s about vocal recording?i only want to record vocals nothing else compressors and effects and stuff is not that important.i only want a good quality sound(low selfnoise etc).thanx for helping me out

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I've never listened to either of these so I can't comment on their sound quality. You'll have to find a dealer who will let you listen to both. A quick look at their specs reveals a few things:

The ART is only one channel, while the DMP2 has two channels.
The ART is a tube pre, so it will likely have a very different characteristic than the DMP2.
The DMP2 has been replaced by the DMP3 which adds big meters.
The DMP2 was priced higher than the ART.
Here's a review of the DMP2 with sound clips of a comparison with a Mackie preamp (you'll need the ability to playback 24/96 .wav files):

Hope that helps!