Original ADAT interface to Fostex VF160

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I have a VF160 DAW and would like to open up tracks 9-16 for simultaneous recording use with tracks 1-8 using the ADAT interface via optic cable. Most A/D converters/mixers I've seen are at least £150 new but the old original ADAT machines are now less than £100 and seem to provide the same ADAT A-D conversion function (together with the actual recording function). I'd of course need to provide some sort of mic preamping to get the audio signals to the machine as well.

I'm fairly new to the ADAT standard myself and I've no experience with actual ADAT machines so can anyone let me know whether the ADAT unit would serve the function I require and sync correctly etc. Also would I need to record a tape at the same time to trigger the analogue in - digital out function or would the machine happily sit there just being a synced converter without having to run the tape transport? Lastly, do you know whether the ADAT recorder could be used as a slave recorder to the VF160 ie to record a separate 8 tracks without pressing 2 record buttons at the same time?

I have looked through the manual for the ADAT recorder and it looks as though the basic track monitor modes would provide the converter function I require but I'm still not sure about the details for this and the syncing etc. If anyone can confirm my whether these functions are possible with ADAT recorder addition to my VF160 before I go out and spend the money I'd be very grateful.

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