Can my Mac play DVDs?

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How can I tell if my Mac can play DVDs? It's an iBook. It has an optical drive, which I know can play CDs...

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Just pop a DVD into the drive and see if it mounts; give it a minute to load. The DVD app comes preinstalled with OS X, located here: Applications-->DVD player. Depending on how your preferences are set, the DVD Player might even launch automagically (System Preferences-->CDs & DVDs).

The way to tell for sure (or if you don't have a DVD handy):
Apple Menu--> About this Mac-->"more info"
...which launches the Apple System Profiler. This tells you everything about your system. The optical drive info location depends on your OS version, for 10.2 see "Devices and Volumes", for 10.3 see "Hardware".

Not sure which exact iBook you have, but all the current 2005 G4 iBooks can play DVDs,

But perhaps you have last year's model,

p.s. Netflix ruined my social life.