Combining a old G4 and an old emac

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I have an old original G4 tower and an original emac. Is there a way we can plug the emac monitor (and hard drive because its all one) into the G4 tower?

Or somehow combine the 2 computers into one? Maybe take the hard drive out of the emac and put it into the G4 tower?

If so how do I go about doing that?

I am trying to avoid buying a new computer and was wondering if there was a way to use both those computer to make one better computer? (I know it won't be anything close to the new ones but better than 2 half ass ones)

Any suggestions you have would be great!! Looking for the cheapest option!

Thanks! :lol:

~ K

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There's a bunch of folks online who have documented their attempts to Frankesntein their macs. I'm not personally up-to-date on this, so my best suggestion is good ol' google: