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I'm a recently converted Mac user. I miss very few things about Windows. But I do miss the menu key ( in a typical windows keyboard. This button pulls up the windows contextual menu for the already highlighted item. I've been searching for hours on the web to find out if this can be done with a single button on Mac OS X. Yeah you can do it with ctrl+click or right click but that just isn't fast enough for me. Any ideas? (Preferably without investing massive amounts money in software like Quickeys?)


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The right-click is pretty quick if you have a multiple-button mouse... but if that's not quite what you're looking for, check out System Preferences / Keyboard and Mouse / Keyboard Shortcuts / Keyboard Navigation...

There's also a bit about this here:

And there are tons of third-party apps that add functionality like this. I bet there are plenty of other switchers who miss this too, so I bet someone has created a solution...

A non-exhaustive search found these:

Finally, I would give QuicKeys another chance. Yes, I agree that it is slightly overpriced. But it is the most powerful way to control your Mac (or PC), and the only way to program complicated sequences of actions. It has redeemed itself in my eyes since the first OS X version many moons ago, and for my advanced needs it is well worth the price.