Curiosity killed the ADAT Cat

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I had a really bad adat day yesterday. I discovered the "hidden" functions on my XT and my LX. I ran the calibrate brake function on my XT... and about 4 minutes into the procedure... I hear a crack from a fairly large heatsunk chip... and the subsequent sickening smoke that accompanies it. It's the chip on the bottom right of the main board nearest the tape opening. It seems that it had control of the motor turning the reels because they don't work now. Is there any way I can salvage this machine? Can I replace this chip somehow?

It didn't stop there.... I was fiddling with the hidden functions on my LX (you figure I woulda stopped by now)... and changed some parameters blindly on the TRK functions (I think it was #6?) And now my LX tracks horribly, even if I try to format a's toast. Any info on how I need to set this machine to get back to a no surburst state?

I promise to stay away from the hidden functions if I can just get back to where I was two days ago.


Chris in Chicago

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You'll have to take your XT in to an authorized service center. That first problem is major, your XT will have to be repaired by a pro.

All I can suggest for your LX is to reset it to factory defaults. Remember that the LX-20 uses a different shortcut to reset it than the rest of their machines: just hold down "Record" while powering up.

After that, it's time to call the Alesis mothership: