DA-38 meters are low- balanced i/o bad?

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I made my own dsub 25 box for my da-38 and when i run a preamp to it the meters are low on the da-38, then i record something and run it out to my computer and the meters are still low on output but my computer shows the meters being much higher.

It's like the meters on the da-38 are lower than the real signal, even lower than the recorded signal. is this a common problem? is their some setting i need to change?


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If you hadn't mentioned your custom i/o box, I'd have no ideas. The DA-38 doesn't have any reference level calibration (like its big brothers the DA-98 and DA-98HR).

So I'd suggest trying out a standard-issue balanced snake (dsub-XLR or dsub-TRS) to see if the problem goes away. It might be that your custom snake is wired wrong. Here's an official pinout diagram of the dsub connector:


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i was the original poster. i have went through this quite a bit and i dont think its my box. coming out of my digi 001 if i do a 0db sine wave to the da-38 the da-38 maxes out at -14db. if i do a sine wave from the da-38 to the digi, pro tools goes off the charts on the meters. im pretty sure this is due to the headroom on the digi 001. the 0db on the meters in pro tools LE must be -14db because thats the headroom of the digi's preamps. i think the da-38 meters are full scale. im pretty sure thats whats wrong. wich is kind of a pain that you cant align the meters. i guess i will just have to know that -14db is 0 when i record stuff to it so if i record it to pro tools it wont clip.