DA-78HR vs. the Apogee AD8000 TDIF CARD

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Hi there,

Does anyone know if the the TDIF card in the Apogee AD8000 can pass a 24 bit signal from a DA78 into Pro Tools? They are both TDIF-1.


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I'm pretty sure it can. In fact, I don't know of any TDIF cards that can't handle 24 bits. My Panasonic DA7's cards can.

To be sure, I'd recommend contacting Apogee. Their support is quite good:

The AD-8000's manual just says,
TDIF 8 AMBus Card
This card is used to interface the AD-8000 to a Tascam DA-88, DA-38 or any device that utilizes the Tascam
Digital Interface Format (TDIF). You will need a special TDIF cable that terminates with a DB-25 connector at
each end. These are available from Tascam and third-party suppliers. The card includes Apogee Bit-Splitting
technology to enable 24-bit channels to be recorded on multiple 16-bit tracks. For full details on cabling and on
how to use this card, see the TDIF AMBus card documentation.

Of course, the bit-splitting capability has nothing to do with whether it can pass actual 24bit signal on all eight tracks.