DA-88 - Digital TDIF out into Motu 2408mk3 Mac

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I'm located in Denmark... I'm trying to do a small setup so I can import DA-88 tapes with 5.1 Sourround Sound into my Mac... My client needs the 5.1 on his DVD.

I've bought an old DA-88 and a Motu 2408mk3. BUT I can't get a signal running digitally from the DA-88 to the Motu. I can get a analog signal running OK.

Any idea what this could be? - Should I enable the digital output in some way?

Hope you can help me out - it's hard finding any info on this.

Best regards

T R T, Denmark

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First, make sure you are using a proper TDIF cable, and it is connected to the DA-88's TDIF out (NOT the other DB-25 connectors which do look the same). Connect the other end of the TDIF cable to one of the 2408mkIII's TDIF inputs. It's a good idea to use a word clock cable too, although there are some situations where you can get by without it.

The rest is software settings. Make sure the 2408 is set to TDIF input. In your audio editing application, the sample rate needs to be the same as the original DA-88 tape. Try clocking off of the word clock cable first. (As a last resort, you can set the clock to TDIF.)

That should get you there, unless something is missing!