DA-88 Hidden Functions: tape stuck in DTRS recorder

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Hi Tony,

Great website!


I don't know if this is a newly discovered hidden function, but might be worth mentioning:

When the error message S-ERR-21 appears ("The reel tables do not take up tape slack in preparation for eject"), the following might help:
Hold down the F.FWD, STOP and PLAY buttons and turn the machine on
(the same combination as when entering the test mode, but without pressing STOP afterwords).
The machine then trys to gently wind up a slack tape. If necessary, repeat several times until eject will work.

I found this function by chance when struggling with a tape stuck in my DA-38. The tape had become more and more loose after several attempts to unload (that was before I found your website...). Then, when trying to go into test mode, I once missed to press STOP in time, and the machine did miraculously what I was desiring.

(from Germany)