DA-88/SY-88 ver. 4.01 (MIDI)

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Hi, I don't know anyone off-hand that knows anything about recording gear. I have a problem with my Tascam gear (TM-D4000 w/ a DA-88/SY-88 ver 4.01 and (3) DA-38s chasing). I am trying to use it all for audio, no video. I basically have the system up and running including the Automation. I can't seem to get my BOSS DR-880 Drum Machine to link up through MIDI so I can put it's individual drum tracks down. The DR-880 has 5 pin in/out and USB Capabilities. Do I need to add a sequencer also? If so what one is good or do I use the computer?

I've been trying to get this up and running for a week now and I'm second guessing myself. HELP? :)

Thanks for the hidden info on the DA-88 (from this site)

Rick H.