DA88 DA38 power cords

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I recently bought an 88 and two 38's on ebay. unfortunately they didn't come with power cords. where might i find some? i have a power cord from a 38, can i use it on the 88 to make sure that it functions?

thanx for your time.

p.s. all of the information about dtrs on the silent way site has been most helpful. thank you for posting.

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You're OK, all the power cords for DTRS recorders are the same. In fact, it's the same standard "IEC" power cord used in almost all studio equipment (except a few which need specific "wall-wart" power supplies).

Here's a place to get these AC cords for $1.79:


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cool, thanx. that's what i thought, i just wanted to be sure. it would have sucked to have damaged the recorder before i ever used it. thanx for taking the time to write back, and thanx so much for posting all of that helpful dtrs info on your site. i have it book marked for reference.