DA88 to Dolby Digital 5.1/Dts

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Hi everyone, we are a group of teenagers from Hong Kong and are planning to start a DVD/VCD production company. However, we are facing a critical technical problem: How to capture audio from a roll of DA88 and encode it into Dolby Digital 5.1 or DTS format for DVD?

We have acquired a DA88 recorder and decided to use Sonic Scenarist
for DVD authoring. What we really want to know is do we need a powerful
computer with a powerful soud card to capture the six channels from the DA88 at the same time? Which means that we need hardware encoding rather than software encoding?

Besides, we have heard that usually a film with 120 minutes long has 2-3 rolls DA88 tapes, so, how can we combine the six channels from,
e.g. 2 rolls of tapes into one 'six channels' and make the final encoded file to be synchronized with the video?

The company is our dream, and we only need one step to the dream.
Please help us.