DA88- Error light, code Doesnt come up. And........

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Well Im hoping to get a bit of info on what might be the issue with my 88. I bought this unit new in 95 and didnt use it a whole lot after that year. Now that its 09, I feel like even though its all but obsolete, I spent a lot of cash on it and would like to hook sync it to logic. That is one question I have.

What do I need to sync it using a M-Audio 1814?

But my issue at hand is this.

The Da88 boots up and the rolling display reads, "ABBBBCDEEEEEEEFGGGGZ-3J"

WHEN I PUSH THE DISPLAY BUTTON, it toggles between the memo 1 an 2 , Pitch and ABS. when in ABS mode there should be numbers telling me where im at on the inserted tape. But there are only lines and no numbers. The memo 1 and 2 have number settings from a previous session. I have forwarded and rewound the tape and when I press play, the error light comes on and no displayed numbers. Everything seems to be working correctly except for the boot up banner display and the numbers in play. Hmmmmm? I looked at the battery and didnt see any corrosion. I dont have a multi meter son Im not sure if its good. Seems like if it wasnt, I would have other issues.

Im thinking maybe its the tape or the software needs upgrade to 4. But what do I know? Can anybody help me please? I would appreciate. Sorry so long.

YER 3.03 software
Hours/ D. 3.94
Servo year/ SYer 2.02

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I think there are multiple issues here. The easy one is the battery. It's probably dead after this many years. Test it out or just pick up a replacement, they are cheap. That might explain the weird startup display. It can also cause settings to be forgotten between power cycles.

Be careful, the battery might be soldered on the the motherboard, and it will reset your head hours so write them down first!! See my hidden functions guide for checking head hours,

A test: reprogram the startup message and see if it sticks. If not, the battery might be the reason. I'm not sure but maybe a custom message depends on the battery (although it's odd that it doesn't default to "T-A-S-C-A-M"). See how to reprogram the message in my hidden functions guide.

The other issue of not seeing ABS code might be the tape. Is it formatted? Try a brand new tape. Format it and see if it works.

Also, there are two time display modes: ABS and TC. Perhaps your DA-88 is on TC mode? See the manual to change that. but hmmmmm.... if your display just "toggles between the memo 1 an 2 , Pitch and ABS."... you must not have an SY-88 sync card, otherwise it would also toggle to the other TC-related display modes. Not sure if TC/ABS is changeable without an SY-88 card.

So many possibilities. Hope that gave some food for thought. Good luck,