DAT Recorders and copy protection (Panasonic and Sony)

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Hi, I have just read with interest the article on this site which shows how to access a sub menu on the Panasonic SV-3800 DAT Recorder. One of it's options is to turn off the copy prohibit mode. I have a Sony PCM-2700A and a 77ES and would like to copy my purchased music from my PC to DAT but the copy protection is kicking in through the digital connection. Is there a similar method to turn of the protection on the Sony machines? Any information will be most gratefully received!!!!



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Hmmm... are we dealing with SCMS in the DAT recorder, or another type of copy-protection?

I'm surprised that the copy protection on your DAT recorder would be triggered by protected music downloads, which use different systems of protection. What format of purchased music are you trying to transfer? I guess it is possible that the copy protection in your downloaded music also has SCMS in it.

But it's more likely that the download does not allow digital transfer of any kind.

What format of DRM protection is on your music? And what digital connection are you using?

The only bit of info I have on Sony DAT recorders regarding SCMS protection is for a DTC-700:


That might give you some ideas to circumvent SCMS if that's what the true problem is...