Data Recovery from Windows Vista

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I would like to share on of my experience with all of you hoping it provide some help to other who may have face situation like this.

Some day ago I tried to upgrade my system from Windows XP to Windows Vista. For that I back up my data on the second partition of the drive. After successful installation of windows Vista I tired to open my second partition but was not able to do. I don't know what went wrong while upgrading but I was not allowed to open the drive.

This screwed me up as I have backed up all my important data there.
I tried all my means but was unsuccessful, my friend recommended me to use data recovery software to get back back my data. I tried the demo version of Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Software. The demo shows me my data. I got the full version and at last I got back my data but I had payed the price for that. I Don't know what went wrong, yet trying to find the reason for that.

If anybody has faced a situation like this then please let me know what is the probable reason for hard drive getting inaccessible.