Direct Out - Crest X-Eight pre-fader?

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The guy who orders of all our sound, i guess didn't research this console, but we bought it for our new church plant, with an Aviom in-ear system. We discover the night before we launch, post fader. We opened the console and didn't see any jumpers to switch it to pre-fader. Is there a way, or do we need a new console? Thanks


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Yep, the Crest X-Eight's direct outs are post-fader. But, that board also has insert sends which can be used as pre-EQ channel outputs, because a TRS plug in this jack does not break signal flow. (Unless you plug another TRS into the insert return, which is on a separate jack.) It's after the mic pre and the HPF, but before the EQ and fader.

The group bus and aux bus inserts work in this manner too.

In a couple of places, the manual tells readers to "see internal jumper options" but does not expound upon that. The schematics do have these jumpers depicted, it looks like they just affect the aux sends.

See links to this mixer's manual (with schematics) and more in my Direct-Out Database:

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