DTRS slowly going the way of the Beta

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So it looks like us that are still using DTRS are going the way of the Betamax,
I currently am using the Tascam DM24 mixing board into a Da78 and two 38s and I have an exta 38 as a back up machine, I am now concidering moving to another type of format but have not decided which one to go with.
I dont care much for needing Pro tools but am not sure what type of storage would be really good but not over 3k.
I did think about MX2424 but dont like the idea of charging my clients
$200 before we press record just for the drive tray.
I get many of the bands on a shoe string budget and the DTRS tapes are cheep.
So any ideas??? before I start my big search??? :(

We'll fix it in the Mix ( Ya Right )

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If it ain't broke don't fix it!

No, seriously, the DTRS format is still actively used by lots of people, 12 years or so after it's introduction (~1993). That's a far cry from the Betamax, which lost it's first format battle to VHS, despite Beta's technical superiority.

Unfortunately, Tascam only makes one DTRS model these days, the uber-expensive DA-98HR. And, I've had trouble recently finding parts (anyone have an RCA jack for an SY-88 card?).

I'd say to get your DTRS units all fixed up now and keep them in shape because you have a whole library of tapes which your clients will need to play back.

Then, move them out of active service slowly by offering new clients two options, DTRS or hard disk.

The first generation of stand-alone hard disk recorders were iffy. They were mostly reliable but the user interface stunk. The MX2424 is about as intuitive to use as an Apollo lunar lander.

I prefer FireWire audio interfaces such as the MOTU 896HD, but I mostly do live multitrack recordings. If I was mixing in the studio more often, I'd prefer Pro Tools.

A happy medium is the FireWire-based Digidesign 002 or 002 Rack. They are the cheapest way to get started with a mostly-pro-level Pro Tools system. (Although unlike the MOTU FireWire interfaces, the Digi 002+002R can't be daisychained for more inputs!)

If you'd rather get a stand-alone hard disk recorder, stick with the second-generation units. Check out the Mackie HDR2496. There's also the Alesis HD24XR but I'm not big on their proprietary hard drives- they are inexpensive but not as compatible as others'.

Mackie and Alesis also make less expensive versions of those two models.

Don't forget to factor in the cost of backing up any of these systems' data!! No hard drive is eternal.

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thanks a lot for the response.
I have concedered the options you mentioned like the 2424 and the mackie units, so you think the 2424 would not be better then the Mackie ??
if I went this way I was thinking of finding some kind of way to download to DVD to keep it cheep for my clients but I know little about this.
also switching to computer is also an option but right now spending more then $3000 is not in the cards, I am a pretty small studio and the down time learning a whole new format could be deadly, but what ever I choose I will hold on to my dtrs machines, as you said I have a whole back log of clients that might need to get back to some of there projects sooo
thanks again. Marko

We'll fix it in the Mix ( Ya Right )