Enabling 32 bit adressing

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Hey, I need to enable 32 bit adressing to play 7th guest (or so the game says), yet I don't see that option in my memory control panel. I'm running MAC OS 9.0.4. Can anyone point me to the place to do this?

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32 bit addressing is built into the Mac OS. This happened back in the days of OS 7. Back then, as developers transitioned their apps to be "32 bit clean," the Memory Control Panel had an option to turn 32 bit on/off. This would only show up in that control panel if you had a Mac model which needed this option. I don't know if it shows up in later OSes like OS 9.

Here are a few links to learn more:


Or try this app, Mode32 (I thought this was just for OS 7, though):


(Side note: there was a 32-bit Enabler extension provided with System 7.1.)

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Yeah it turned out that it was a virtual memory problem, not 32 bit enabling. It fixed itself, although in the process it erased quicktime :P

Anyways, everything''s reinstalled now, and thanks again. Good game, by the way, a bit disturbed, but very addictive