Exporting Audio from Tascam DA 78 or 88 to PC

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Hello, Does anyone know to export a recording made on the Tascams listed above, and which is now stored on Hi-8 tapes, to a computer, so that I can finish the recording using a computer software reording program?
thanks, Lizzie Dickerson

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To do it digitally, you'll need a computer interface with TDIF (Tascam Digital InterFace). There aren't too many that have it.

There's the MOTU 2408mkIII:

Alternatively you could get a format converter box to translate TDIF to a more common digital interface like ADAT optical. There are lots of computer interfaces that have ADAT:


The 2408mkIII translates TDIF/ADAT as well (even working as a standalone unit with no computer). There are smaller, cheaper dedicated TDIF/ADAT translator units too but they don't do anything else.

Or, you can do it via the analog i/o, which is easier but you lose a bit of quality.

For the lowdown on all the cables for this,