Favorite Mac Hacks: Command-F shortcut to Find in iTunes

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iTunes doesn't abide by the standard Command-F "Find" command to jump to the search box. It uses Command-Option-F instead. Here's how to switch it to the easier Command-F:

1) Quit iTunes.
2) Go to System Preferences/Keyboard & Mouse/Keyboard Shortcuts.
3) Add an iTunes Shortcut for "Full Screen" that is not Command-F. A good pick is Command-Shift-F.
4) Add an iTunes Shortcut for "Target Search Field", make it Command-F.

This is another good one from MacWorld, but slightly reworked. The original full story:

And note this reader comment which replaces the last steps of that mod, avoiding the Terminal:
"While you're in Keyboard and Mouse Preferences, you can add the shortcut right there by typing in "Target Search Field" in the Menu Title field and assign it Cmd+F. No need for the terminal at all."