A few Mac shopping recommendations to start with...

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If you're shopping for Mac stuff, here are a few good places to start.

Amazon.com Mac Department

B+H Photo, Video and Pro Audio

jr.com - J&R - Your source for Audio, Video, Electronics

It's also worth checking Apple's Clearance deals for reconditioned products.

There's not a wide range of street prices for new Macs- the difference usually lies in tax, shipping and bonus freebies. (Apple has tight control over pricing.) Keep an eye out for reconditioned Macs, which are a great deal and are as good as new.

The best way to track the latest deals is to consult DealMac.com, which keeps track of the latest promotions and offers email alerts. Macworld/PriceGrabber has side-by-side price comparisons, where you'll see how closely competitive these dealers are. Thus the difference lies in the extras.

Most new Macs will need extra RAM: check the latest prices in the live (updated daily) chart of cheapest RAM on my Mac Accessories Suggestions List.

If you want to buy any used Apple Mac stuff, check eBay's Mac section.

And dozens more Mac shopping links are on my full list:

Happy hunting!

(full disclosure: some of these links credit me as the "referrer".)