FireWire CD burner in OS 8.6?

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I have been a MAC user since the very beginning, but I'm now having some
major issues with my G4 desktop tower (OS 8.6) and my PowerBook G4 (OS 9).

First I can't get my FireWire CD burner to be recognized on my G4. It just
scans and says NO CD Recorder. When I first got the burner it worked fine,
then it just stopped working. I called a local tech person they spent all
day and it still didn't work. Then I installed it on my PowerBook and it
worked, so I did that for awhile then it also stopped working. It is in my
system Profiler, but it won't show up so I can burn a CD. I bought a new
burner thinking that was the problem, well it's not. I'm currently running
on OS 8.6 on the G4 and OS 9 on the PowerBook. The new burner works on the
PowerBook, but I can't get File Sharing to work so I can back-up the G4. I
need to do a major back-up.

In addition I want to upgrade my OS because I can't use any number of
applications because that OS is too old. Then there is the issue of all my
software applications working on a new OS. I can't find anyone that I feel
competent enough to advise me on all the matters. They come in, rapidly run
thru my system folder do this and that without any explanation - give me a
bill and leave. Usually I'm in worse shape than I was before they "helped".
They seem to get some kind of weird pleasure out of speeding thru everything
leaving me completely in the dark. Believe me I've tried to communicate with
them, but to no avail.

I am not a techno person, but I can manage if I just had a little GOOD
advice. I am a freelance graphic designer and I would much rather do my work
than tweek the equipment all day long.

I don't know if you can help or even want to try, but I would really
appreciate the help if you chose to accept this mission. I live in Oklahoma
City and that may be too far away for us to work together. Anyway, please
let me know if you can help and how much you charge for your services.

Thanks for Your Time!

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Sorry, I can't do full consultations long-distance to Oklahoma. I just serve the San Francisco Bay Area. If you are unhappy with previous local mac tech people, tell them so and search for others in your area. There are plenty out there if you dig. Try Googling for local Mac user groups.

In brief I'd say that upgrading your Mac OS would be a good idea no matter what. FireWire devices work much better in OS 9 than in OS 8.6. And 9.2.2 fixes many issues with the earlier versions of 9. If you are heavily invested in applications, jumping to the all-new OS X might be expensive, but might also be inevitable. So if you're making a big change, and you have to buy new apps anyway, might as well jump to X. If not, go to 9.2.2.

I recommend: Work on the file sharing issue in order to back up the G4, then wipe it clean and install at least OS 9.2.2.

Before you go to 9 or X, remember to update your G4's firmware, which has been known to fix FireWire problems:
for 9.2.2:

For 9.0:

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How very kind of you to answer my questions. You really made me feel better
just knowing someone gave a hoot!

I'm backing up like crazy and will take your recommendation on the upgrading
issues. I will certainly be a loyal fan from now on and past the word to
others about your web page/newsletter/services and enlightened approach to

Again Thank You So Very Much for Your Help!

Peace and Best Regards.