Free iPods - a fraud???????

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I have recently found a couple of sites that are giving away free ipods! Does anyone now if these sites actually work? Have you had any experience of your own?

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When these "offers" first appeared in 2004, I thought they were scams at worst, pyramid schemes at best. Technicaly they aren't pyramid schemes because you don't have to send money to a previous person in the chain. But they are essentially "spam pyramids" because in order to get the free item, you have to get friends (often 5 friends) to sign up. And you only get the item if your suckers get other suckers to sign up. So I guess it's more like a cult.

Read the fine print in the Terms & Conditions, though. Not only do you have to get (for example) 5 more people to sign up, but they EACH also have to get 5 more people to sign up before you get anything for free. Your payment is based upon the second generation of people's actions.

Plus, they'll SPAM ya. One site I saw had this in the fine print:
"By signing up for this website, the user agrees to receive emails we or another 3rd party may send about special offers on our website, as well as third party advertisements or offers."

That's uncool to me, and I think it's unfair to rope your friends into this stuff. It's like spreading a virus on purpose. If you do it, use a one-time throw-away email address.

A few old articles from last year about this:,2125,64614,00.html?tw=wn_tophead_2

[As a side note, as the forum moderator, I've removed the links to the "free ipod" sites in your post. I'd rather not have my site directly linked to them.]