Funny noise when transferring from dat to PC!!!

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Hi there again.

I know that there will be an obvious explanation for this, but I dont know it thats why Im asking.

I managed to sync up the DA88 to the PC and Sonar 3.

Now im transferring the project from the da88 to Sonar 3 for more editing capabilities. I have it sync'd up to midi timecode and running thru the mixing desk.

BUT, there are some strange noises going on around the 1k and above area. Sounds a bit like an old tape echo but with some clicking and that. Makes the vocal sound nice but when it comes down to the drums, thats where its obvious and nasty. Especially hi-hat. Both projects are in 48k so ive ruled out incompatible format. Im wondering if its something to do with the timecode, although i cant hear it when the project is running or does the da88 give off some weird noises????

when im listening to it whilst recording it sounds fine, but its when i play it back on sonar that you can hear everything going on. I thought i might have made a loop somewhere so i tried going straight from the da88 to the pc, but it was just the same so i know its not the desk.

Any ideas or solutions please? Thanks alot

Ps, just realised that after about a minute, the computer starts to go out of sync with the da88. Any idea why?


Joined: 02/18/2005

I have beaten you to the solution.

I discovered that it was a latency problem within Sonar. I reduced the buffer driver to 0 and bobs your uncle. 100 percent in syc and no funny noises.