G4 has decided to die...fix?

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I am ordering a new Mac Pro but was considering keeping my dual G4 as a backup and secondary computer.
The problem is it has stopped working. No burner, no firewire, some programs won't load or function as well as some websites. I took it in for an evaluation and they charged me $75. and said it was fine!!!*&%#

I sounds like a virus, so I reformatted completely, but the desktop settings remain the same and the crippled condition still exists.

Any suggestions how to fix this problem. I'm sure it's a software problem, but I don't want to spend big bucks as they will only give me $400. on a trade for the new Mac Pro.

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If you completely wiped the drive and reinstalled the OS from the original system install CD/DVD, then any remaining problems must be hardware. How could the "desktop settings" return after a truly clean install?

"It sounds like a virus"... that phrase always leaves me skeptical. Since there are so few viruses for the Mac, and the question is so easliy answered by runnign an anti-virus program with it's profile updated to today. If you think it's a virus, then just buy and run an anti-virus program.

When something has "just stopped working" it's usually due to one of two reasons: hardware failure or a user-originated software change. If your local service center thinks the hardware is OK, and you've wiped the software, what's left? There's many unanswered questions here.

I think you need a second in-person opinion from an authorized Apple dealer (Are you near an Apple Store?)... the first evaluation seems incomplete.