Gaffer's tape, not duct tape- no sticky residue for stage

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So, you need to tape a cable to a floor or wall and really need it to stay in place, but can't muck it up with tape residue. Or you need to hang a banner, hold down a rug, etc. And you'd be in trouble if you trashed the floor or wall. Don't get regular duct tape which leaves nasty gummy goo behind when you peel it up. Gaffer's tape is the way to go.

If you're in any temporary situation, setting up stage productions or working in live music venues, you need this tape... even if you are not actually a Gaffer, and don't know what a Gaffer does.

I like it in the 3-inch width in matte black. Here's the best I've found, and it's easily tearable (no knife/scissors needed):

Techni-Tool Gaffers Tape, 3" X 60 Yards, Vinyl, Black,

Techni-Tool Gaffers Tape, 2" X 60 Yards, Vinyl, Black,

Techni-Tool Gaffers Tape, 3' X 60 Yards, Vinyl, Gray,

Techni-Tool Gaffers Tape, 2" X 60 Yards, Vinyl, Gray,

There are other variations on this theme. Here's an extra-wide "tunnel tape" which is only sticky at the edges, so it won't stick at all to your cable. I tried the 4-inch wide tunnel tape, but the sticky edges are only 1/2" at each side. That's too thin, so it doesn't hold down well on some surfaces. Maybe the 6-inch tape has wider sticky-edges,

This 6" wide tunnel-tape at says that its non-sticky middle is 3.25" wide:

I don't know if it's called "Gaffer's tape" or "Gaffers tape" (I guess that depends on whether you're willing to share it with another Gaffer and get plural). Whatever, it's essential!