Help with Berhinger mixer?

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thanx 4 readin this. Im doin sound 4 a gig on wednesday, its a small informal thing @ my school, but the teacher in charge has brought in her Berhinger 8 mono 4 stereo 4 sub mixer(dunno the notation, 16:4:2 or sumthin?)
anyway, i think some of the bands are gonna play thru the PA as opposed to thru their own amps. the teacher isnt very happy, as she has heard that u can blow a mixer if u plug a guitar straight into a mixing desk, without it first goin thru a pedal or amp or sumthin.
I dont wanna go and blow her £2000 system, but i have played through other mixing desks and systems without anything like a DI box or pedal, and everything has worked fine.

CAN somebody please clear this up, whether its an impedance thing or a balanced thing. the mixer has balanced xlr mic inputs, as well as line inputs and insert I/O on each line (not the stereo tho). please clarify, and dont spare the tech spec. make it easy to understand, but not lay-mans terms.

Cheers if u can help