How to reset MOTU 828mkii, Traveler, 896HD to fact. defaults

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Follow these steps to restore the 828mkII to Factory Default Settings.

Disconnect the firewire cable from the 828mkII
Press the Setup knob
Turn the Setup knob all the way to the right
Press the Select knob
Press the Value knob
Power off the interface and plug the firewire cable back in
Power the interface back on.

The same steps can be followed to restore the Factory Default Settings on a Traveler.

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I just had this method suggested to me by MOTU support for my 896HD. This resets the circuit board (mother board?) inside the 896HD:

1) Unplug ALL cables from the 896HD.

2) Double check that the power cord is really unplugged.

3. Switch the voltage switch on the side of the 896HD, from your setting (110 in the US) to the other setting and back a few times.

4) Make sure you've set the voltage switch back to the right setting for your country.

5) Plug everything back in.

...maybe this works for other MOTU interfaces too?

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Hi, thanks for the reset info. One thing I am not clear about. Do I unplug all cables or just the power cord to reset?


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Yes, MOTU's advice to me (by phone) was clear: make sure to disconnect all cables first. (And triple-check that the power cable is really disconnected!)

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