How to set list view as the default instead of icon view

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Thanks for the tips on your site - very generous!
Here's a quick question, if you've got a sec:

In your article "Take the 'Fault' out of Mac OS 9 Default Settings"
you wrote:

> Use list views everywhere.
> This offers the most efficient way to organize and access files,
> and allows you to view multiple nested folders in one window:
> For each window: In View --> select "as List". Repeat for
> other windows.

Is there a way to set list view as default, so that all new folders
appear in list view from the start?

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I wish! I've not found a way to do this globally to all folders or to set it as a default (in OS 9 or X). I don't have 10.3 Panther yet, maybe Apple added it.

On a per-window basis, there are easier options: OS X has a command key (command-2), but OS 9 didn't so I set up a QuicKey shortcut to do it with one button. I bet there's a shareware hack out there, though. It would be nice. Does anyone else know a way to do this?

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I came across your page while trying to do this very thing. I just transferred about 200,000 files over from an old OS 9 file server to OS X XServe. Somehow, the default folder view on the OS 9 machine got wretchedly b0rked so that many windows were opening in icon view with a window size of about 1152x0 (yes, 0!). So I wrote a little Applescript to recurse the entire server from an OS 9 machine and reset them to something sane.

Here's the link to the page with the script on it:

It's the bottom item on the page.