Ignorant cellist needs help: get a MD recording into a Mac

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This is probably an easy answer for all of you, but hard for me. How do you get a MD recording into your Mac (iMac 400mg. OS9.22)? I'd like to make CDs of my live recordings. I have a Sony MD walkman MZ-R37 with a normal line out. optical line in, mic jack, and a remote all with mini plugs.

I am looking for digital quality sound on a cassette budget.

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I've put together a guide to solve this exact problem:


In your case, you could get away with a simple cable, or you could improve things a lot by buying a USB audio interface. Remember that if you buy a dedicated audio interface, it will improve everything you listen to every day, not just when you are working on your recordings.

If your MD recorder doesn't have an digital optical output jack, you'll be doing an analog transfer.

That solves the hardware issue.

As for software, some of the inexpensive USB interfaces come with software, or there are plenty of other apps to choose from. Your options are bit more limited having OS 9 and not OS X. There are a number of commercial, shareware (and even freeware) applications, try these lists of links:

For more pro software:

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Dear Tony,

Thanks very much!


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