Internal SY88 dip switch default positions

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Hi Tony,

Great & helpful site!

Hope you can help, I understand your time is valuable. I've tried Tascam other associates, both here and USA, no one wants to help me without charging me heaps of $$ just to send the card in to reset the dip switches...

I have a DA88 with SY88 TC card. I lent it to a friend, who has fiddled with the internal dip switches on the sy88 board (I slapped him for it!) - now the unit won't operate properly, and I can not access any of the TC sub menus past level 3....(and that is with rear panel S1 #2 in 'down/9 pin mode')

Do you know the default/factory switch positions for the internal dip switch groups (ie; S2 & S3) on the SY88??

I've browsed your forum, but nothing to this effect. Once again, I understand your time is valuable, and any help you can give would be greatly appreciated.

Best, NJ.

(FYI - I'm using Protools, with SYNC I/O - my normal operation for the DA88; I generate my time code from PTools, and record it onto the sub area of the DA88 tape)

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Most of what I know about SY-88 dip switches is in my guide to the SY-88, including a full rundown of the external S1 dips:

At the beginning of that page are links to download the manuals. I bet the dip defaults and explanations of the internal dips are listed in one of those.

But I do have a few thoughts, quoting from my above mentioned guide.

Quote:Before SY-88 software version 4.00 and DA-88 software 3.10, the menu only had items 1-3.

Check the SY-88 version #: With the DA-88 off, hold down the F.FWD, PLAY, and RECORD buttons and turn the machine on. The machine will display the SY-88's software version.

So I wonder if the SY-88's system rom chip is loose, so it is not showing up as v4? Or maybe the whole SY-88 was not properly reseated into the DA-88? Hey, don't rule out that the SY-88 got mixed up with another one!

The only other bit I have in the guide about the internal S2+S3 switches is:

Quote:To put the DA-88/SY-88 in "MIDI mode," put S1 dip #2 up (on). To send Midi TimeCode (MTC) out, turn on internal dip S2 #8. There are also two internal dip switches that need to be on for MIDI Timecode to be output when in stop mode (S2 #6) and ff/rew (S2 #7).

Hope that gets ya going,