ISRC Help please!!!

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I've been going nuts trying to figure out whether or not the ISRC codes are actually being burned into the cd's that I burn from Jam (v 6.0.2... mac os x).

iTunes doesn't show them, MP3ID3X doesn't show them, nor do AutoTagX or MP3Rage.

I've also tried importing one of the burned cd's that are supposed to contain the desired ISRC code into JAM itself, being as it at least has a field for them, but no go - they don't appear there either. :twisted:

Can anyone help out here???

How the hell does one make sure the ISRC code has been burned successfully on the disk that gets sent to the factory????? or sent off for online distribution???

What up?

Thanks in advance to all!!!!!

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That's a good one. From what I know, the ISRC code does get burned by Jam as long as your drive supports it. And Jam can read the code after it's burned. The trick is to find out if your drive supports BOTH reading and writing ISRC. It might be that your drive can write but not read it. After burning, try reading it with Jam but via other drives to check. Here's another discussion that has more:

If all else fails, the duplication plant should be able to confirm it for you.

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Just rediscovered this topic from almost nine years ago! ISRC codes have not gotten less confusing. These days the challenges lie in embedding ISRCs in wav deliverables, and hoping the code still exists when it becomes a digital download. Standards for how to do so are slowly coming about.
Here's a recent discussion about it:

As usual, the music industry takes its sweet time when it involves competitors collaborating on mutually beneficial topics.

There is a new (8/2012) recommendation from the EBU. They've chosen the axml chunk in a wav file for the ISRC code. Unfortunately (as of 2011) Pro Tools and other DAWs strip/trash axml and other chunks from wav files, read this report:

Hopefully those bugs have been fixed by now. If not, raise hell!

To read/write metadata in a wav file try BWF MetaEdit, a free app for all platforms: