Itunes "My Rating" logic - not stored in ID3 tag

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One size fits all apple style problem.

Firstly, silentway, much respect to your gut instinct to future proof. I do much the same and it pays in gold.

Or fake gold at times ;)

If you have solution to this prob I'd be much obliged.

PROBLEM: iTunes does NOT write the ranking to ID3. Why, I understand, as it would conflict with their share schemes, but this does not work for me. I test my mashups ideas as a DJ with NI Traktor. If two tracks work together I comment em and then set the RANKING. However, iTunes "my rating"s don't cross over because, well, they aren't rakings. Apple coooould have make it an option, but alas, they had better things to do apparently.

QUESTION: Is there a hack for this? Has some braniac dealt a righteous blow to this particular rigidity?

APPLICATIONS: Cause what it comes down to is, using an ipod to review music and rate it would be totally next level. Sync ratings to iTunes then to ID3 to be used elsewhere (serato scratch for example!).

Any help much appreciated. I understand, of course, that you have no use for this given your present setup

Be magnanimous!!! ;)


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You're right, "my rating" does not get stored in the ID3 tag.

It seems that all of the items in the "options" tab of iTunes' "get info" window for a track are not stored in the file, just in the iTunes database. So that info can get separated from the file quite easily.

To be able to search for tracks in Traktor DJ Studio, put unique identifying words in the comments field instead. Or maybe use asterixes (asterii?). A search for "***" could work well.

But how to transfer previous ratings into the comments field?

Try this applescript:

If you're more adept at AppleScript, try this script which copies various info to the comments field. It would have to be modified to look for the "my rating" value, but that's totally possible:

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Thanks for the applescript info.

It appears NI and serato have smartened up and added an itunes importer into their software. I haven't tried either as of yet, but they might do the trick.

I've kinda been more on a pc kick lately and found an app called "media monkey," which has grown on me tremendously. Graceful, fast, robust, feature rich, smells like bananas. Itunes is still more zen, but the ease of use of the other app, tiny memory footprint, and the wealth of features has given me renewed interest in making my library more accessible. I've been listening to stuff I haven't heard in years. And for organizing by bpm, subgenre, it's been sublime. Highly recommended.

Mediamonkey... Great app (ape?)

Also great thread. Thanks for all the info.

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