laptop for audio/video

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I’ve been producing audio and video work for about 5 years now, so I’m no stranger to new technology and software. I always used a pc when recording or mastering instrumentals (Sonar, Soundforge, Reason) and also with video (Pinnacle Studio). When it came to recording vocals, I usually relied on a portable studio type unit such as a digital 8 track (Fostex, Korg). I am now making plans to go “completely PC” because its just easier that way (for me at least). If possible, I would like to abandon my desktop for a laptop but I’m unsure that I can do this without losing quality/performance. I wish to use a Firewire mixer/control interface (Tascam FW-1884) and need to set up a hd storage system somehow for all the video/audio overflow and backup. If anyone uses a laptop for these purposes, please tell me what sort of options and accessories you have or would recommend. Thanx!

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