Missing MP3s in iTunes Folder

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I forgot where my MP3 files are stored, so I checked the location by going into iTunes Libaray > Edit > Preferences... > Advanced tab > and under General tab, it shows the "iTunes Music folder location"

However, when I went to that path, there's nothing in that folder. Do you know what's going on?

Originally, I just dragged and dropped my MP3 files from their original location right into the iTunes Library itnerface. I just noticed that the "Copy music to iTunes music folder when adding to library" box is NOT checked. Weren't duplicate copies supposed to be made in my iTunes music folder during my drag and drop process? Perhaps the files still in their original spots b/c I didn't check the box?

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You are correct on all counts! To check any file's location, in iTunes, right-click on the song, then select "Show in Windows Explorer" (PC) or "Show Song File" (Mac).