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Hi there!

Sometimes I am using MOTU896 with ADAT Blackface as a Line inputs extension.
ADAT is set to 44.1 kHz and used as Sync Master. Problem is, that Nuendo 2 (on w2k) generates warning message (once per +- one hour) - " Sample rate was changed to 48kHz". After confirmation (click to OK button) new message immediately occures- "Sample rate 48kHz could not be set due to external synchronization". After next confirm everythings working fine on 44.1 kHz till next occurence. Help me, please, cuz am going to be crazy.
In MOTU console and in Nuendo Device setup is external 9-pin ADAT sync set for sure. Maybe ADAT must be set as Master internally too, or?

Thanks a lot!


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The original black ADAT was 48k by default, and in order to use it at 44.1k, it was necessary to pitch shift it down to -147 steps. The ADAT's display should then read "44.1". Is your ADAT set this way?

Also, try experimenting with syncing your DAW via ADAT optical lightpipe instead of via the ADAT sync jack, since you're only using the ADAT as a front-end A/D converter.

Using the ADAT as an A/D is a good idea to get the full 16 channels in and out of your 896. Even better would be to pick up an 8-channel mic preamp with ADAT output, such as the Focusrite OctoPre (with the Focusrite ADAT option card or the ADAT/AES/SPDIF card), or the Presonus Digimax. Then you'll get 8 more channels of mic-level input and MUCH better A/D converters, which are 24 bit instead of the ADAT's 16.

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Thank You!

I will try to test it more deeply. Maybe I missed out something.
As I remember, there were more problems with lightpipe sync. So this weekend I will try to be Synchronized.... :wink:
These preamplifiers are very nice, but another 896HD is on the way to me already.....
Thanks once more and wish happy Christmas to everybody!
And maybe this
could be interesting product in this case.