MP3 audio streaming and the AOL player

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I really need some help with an audio streaming problem on my website. After days of trying to figure the problem out I am stumped and so is my web builder. The music streaming is actually working fine except that aol media player will not open the file. When aol users click to hear the music they get a message that reads "check to see if the files are corrupt". The problem is that many of my customers are aol users and will not bother with downloading another player- they will just leave the site.

I can't figure out what the problem is... is it with the mp3 files I made? I made the files using musicmatch plus.

If you can help I would greatly appreciate it. I'd be glad to pay you for your time. Thank you.


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True, the AOL player is restrictive and weak. It's also hard to keep track of the latest compatibility issues with the latest version on each platform. I'm not up-to-date on the aol player lately, but here's a quick, somewhat generic idea:

Tell your web person to experiment with an ".htaccess" file (simply a text file named ".htaccess" which contains the following info). Put it at the root level of the site (google for that info). That saved me a bunch of grief...

.htaccess like so:
AddType audio/x-scpls .pls
AddType audio/x-mpegurl .m3u

Then the "stream now" link would be a pls playlist "pointer" file, which is simply a text file containing this:

Title1=Hellbound Monkey Mix

Hope That Helps!

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Another easy trick covers the possibility that the site visitor's computer isn't configured to be able to handle a .pls file properly. PC users in particular might not be configured out-of-the-box because the recent version of Windows Media Player dropped support for MP3 streams. (Although most people now have iTunes installed on their Macs and PCs anyway.)

Much like the .pls trick above, this time create a text file with the file ending ".ram", and it only needs to have the location of the mp3 file in it:

Then when people click on the link to the .ram file, Real Player will launch and the MP3 will stream.